The Studios at Production Commons offers multiple rental options for our clients. Onsite through Kentucky Grip and Lighting, there is access to a full service grip and lighting company with large inventory of lighting, camera, and camera support equipment. 

Filmatix Films, LLC offers camera support, DIT services and equipment, audio services and equipment, a color correction system, post production support, and a 2k client viewing bay.

The tenants on site have other rental offerings such as a Cam Mate 25’ Jib, cameras, cine lens sets, audio equipment, 3D CG capabilities, still photography equipment, VFX and post production support.

With our management teams decades of experience, Production Commons can find nearly anything you require to make your production a success. If we don’t have it in house, we can usually find it for you.

Through the years we have found goats, chickens, dogs, cats and horses for our clients as well as horse trailers and even a Boeing 737 on the tarmac.

Our crews have worked with camels and exploding Humvees, so no request is too outlandish. Try us, you may just be amazed.


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